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Yin Yang Yong

Posted by juanmah on 2008/10/10

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Yin Yang Yong

Yin and Yang are opposite and interdependent forces, but what happens if the concept of opposite could apply to more than two qualities?

A third opposite force is interdependent with the two first ones, that are dependent each other too. And so goes on with fourth, fifth, and n-opposite force.

More than two opposite and interdependent qualities keep on Yin Yang philosophy:

  • Yin and Yang are opposing
  • Yin and Yang are rooted together
  • Yin and Yang transform each other
  • Yin and Yang are balanced
Yin Yang Yong Wallpaper

Yin Yang Yong Wallpaper 3200x1200

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Buy Yin Yang Yong Poster by juanmah on Zazzle

Buy Yin Yang Yong 4 Poster by juanmah on Zazzle

Buy Yin Yang Yong 5 Poster by juanmah on Zazzle

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Buy Yin Yang Yong 7 Poster by juanmah on Zazzle

Buy Yin Yang Yong Poster by juanmah on Zazzle

Download wallpaper at desired resolution:

Wallpaper wide: (Retina Display 2880×1800) 2560×1600 1920×1200 1920×1080 1680×1050 1440×900 1280×800

Wallpaper 4:3: 2560×1920 (Retina Display 2048×1536) 1920×1440 1600×1200 1280×960

Wallpaper 5:4: 2560×2048 1920×1536 1600×1280 1280×1024

Wallpaper 3:2: (Retina Display 960×640)

11 Responses to “Yin Yang Yong”

  1. I’m still working on my website, but these Yin Yang Yong wallpapers are exactly the type of picture I’ve been looking for. For my logo, I’m looking for one that has 3 within 3 (fractal). I’m still thinking about the color scheme (RGB based), but may want different colors for the interior ones. I’d welcome a chance for further conversations.

  2. juanmah said

    Some answered what is yin yang yon at http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_ying_yang_and_yong.

    There is also other explanations of yin yang yong at http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/811210-YIN-YANG-YONG


    “Yin”: We may mirror those we respect, appreciate, and admire.

    “Yang”: We may mock those we chastise as annoying, and ridiculous.

    “Yong”, (ambivalence): We may diffuse and balance our mixed-emotions, by expressing with tonality,
    body language, and words, our ambiguous feelings.
    Through “leveling” our feedback, by relaying our
    thought/emotion/message with a blended/moderated average,
    of the mean point, of our expression- we may
    diffuse our paradoxical feelings (of polarized
    shades); to a softer (gray-area) light.

    (Can you say that everything here is “black-and-white”; or would you say that you might have “mixed-emotions” about this analogy/opinion)?

  3. Need a changetip or bitcoin button on your donation page, so we can send you money.

  4. What are your terms of use for personal use of these images?

  5. movies said


    Yin Yang Yong « Juanmah

  6. Stephen S. Rodrigues said

    Hello to the artist!
    My name is Stephen S. Rodrigues., M.D.
    I’m in my 37th year as a primary care provider.
    I’ve had 250,000 or 1/4 million office visits attempting to help and assist 1000’s of individuals being tormented by the most deadly disease of all; invisible chronic pain and misery.

    May I use your four-part yin-yang in a report I’m going submit to the American Medical Association explaining why “acupuncture” is the most important medicine of all medicines.

    I’m finding it very difficult to explain what acupuncture is and is not.
    The same difficulty is witnessed in everyday life. How does one explain how they feel from within based on the entirety of their life?
    It’s impossible because it’s equal attempting to explain love, if you are in love or if you are not in love.
    Determining how someone feels from within is impossible absolutely humanly impossible.
    It’s easy to determine how someone feels. Just ask them and they will express, testify, attempt to explain the unexplainable. The listener must trust the words.
    This is the invisible line Socrates attempted to explain.
    When we are talking from our brain most of that is storytelling. Everybody tells stories so it’s difficult to determine if someone is telling a story or expressing how they feel.
    Can you determine which is which?
    As a physician, I must never do harm and always believe my patients’ stories and wishes.
    Honoring an individual who is miserable is only possible with acupuncture.
    As foreign as that is two 100% of people it is absolutely individual personal truth.

    Albert Einstein clarified this conundrum when he explained relativity.
    In doing so he inadvertently unbeknownst to him discovered how to determine if someone’s telling the truth or not.
    When someone is storytelling they are not telling or expressing how they feel. So not true not the truth because is not how they feel.
    When someone expressing the misery they feel within based on illness they are expressing absolute truth filtered through their relative truth the fallibility of the human brain.

    That’s it!
    Storytelling is simply storytelling it may contain absolute truth.
    Expressing how you feel because of illness sounds like storytelling yet it is the expression of absolute truth.
    When someone is expressing the signs and symptoms of how they feel their testimony is pure and must never be ignored, changed, embellished or watered down. Doing so betrays the soul of the individual per Socrates.

    Hippocrates, first do no harm today has crystal clarity simply; 123!

    Mathematically logically moral humanely ethically just; 1((+2)(-3))!

  7. […] https://juanmah.wordpress.com/2008/10/10/yin-yang-yong/ […]

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